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Dumpster Container Sizes & Their Uses

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Choosing the right size roll-off container or dumpster for a project can seem like a daunting task. If you select the wrong size you may not have enough room for all the debris that you need to dispose of and most importantly, you could end up wasting money. So how do you combat these issues and select the correct size for your project?

Waste Knot Connections, recommends that you begin by giving us a call at 850-458-5757, so that we can discuss your project and provide you with an expert recommendation that is based on almost 20 years of experience serving the Gulf Coast.

How is a Dumpster Measured?

Typically, a roll-off container is measured in feet, while the total volume of the dumpster is measured in cubic yards. When you multiply the exterior dimensions in feet together (length x width x height), you will then get the volume of the roll-off in cubic feet. Divide cubic feet by 27, and you'll have the number of cubic yards of a container.


WKC Roll-Off/Dumpster Sizes:

10 yards:

Ten yard roll off dumpster
10 yd- 12'L x 8'W x 38"H

10 yard dumpsters can hold 10 cubic yards of debris, which translates into about 3 pickup truck loads of waste. These containers are great for mid-sized cleanup or demo or small remodeling projects.

examples: small kitchen/bathroom remodel, 1,500 sq. ft. or smaller roof debris (shingles), or 300 sq. ft. or less deck or patio removal.

15 yards:

Fifteen yard roll-off dumpster
15 yd- 12'L x 8'W x 62"H

15 yard dumpsters can hold 15 cubic yards of debris, which translates into about 4-6 pickup truck loads of waste. If you're taking on a slightly larger home renovation project or finally getting around to cleaning out your two-car garage, this is the container for you.

common uses: mid-large kitchen/bathroom remodel, attic/garage clean-outs, 1500-2500 sq. ft. roofing debris, Landscaping

18 & 20 yards:

Twenty yard roll-off dumpster
18 yd- 14'L x 8.2'W x 5'H / 20 yd- 22'L x 8'W x 42"H

The 18 and 20 yard dumpsters can hold between 18 and 20 cubic yards of debris (10-12 pickup truck loads)and are the typically the most requested container sizes. This dumpster size is large enough to accommodate an extensive amount of waste, while still small enough to fit into the majority of driveways on the Gulf Coast.

example uses: Brush and tree removal, large bathroom/kitchen remodel, concrete removal*, 2500-3200 sq. ft. roofing shingles, medium-large home carpet/flooring removal.

*= concrete cannot completely fill container, only halfway due to weight

25 yards:

Twenty-Five yard roll-off dumpster
25yd- 22'L x 8'W x 54'H

Holding 25 cubic yards of debris or 12-14 pickup truck loads, the 25 yard dumpster has the sames dimensions as a 20 yard container with slightly higher walls.

typical uses: Commercial roofing and clean outs, new construction, mid-major demo/renovations, large home carpet/flooring removal.

30 yards:

Thirty yard roll-off dumpster
30 yd- 22'L x 8'W x 62"H

With a capacity of 30 cubic yards (14-16 pickup truck loads), the 30 yard containers are perfect for very large projects.

common uses: whole house clean-outs, major home additions/renovations, 2-3 car garage demolition, most commercial projects.

40 yards:

Forty yard roll-off dumpster
40 yd- 22'L x 8'W x 8'H

40 yard containers are the largest size offered, and have the capacity to hold 40 cubic yards of debris (16-18 pickup truck loads). Due to its size (8 feet tall sides), you will typically find these containers at commercial constructions sites who need to maximize the amount of volume needed for waste.

example uses: Major/ large cleanup/renovation projects, roofing project, new construction, window/siding replacement.

Still unsure of what you need?

Chat with us or contact a Waste Knot team member at 850-458-5757 and we'll be happy to discuss your project and provide you will a tailored recommendation.

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