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Dumpster Location Preparation

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

You have a project that is going to produce debris and you’ve decided you need to rent a dumpster, but do you know if the container will fit into your space?

Preparing your placement location will save time and increase the likelihood that the delivery process goes smoothly when your driver shows up with your container.

Make Space

One thing you want to make sure is that there is plenty of space for the container and the path can easily be accessed by the truck. If you need would like the dimensions of our containers, please be sure to read Dumpster Container Sizes & Their Uses.

All of our roll-off containers have at max an 8 (eight) foot wide door that swings open on the backside. If you plan to load through the door, ensure to plan for an additional 8 feet of space, so that the door can swing open.

20 Yard Waste Knot Roll-Off with back door fully open
20 Yard Waste Knot Roll-Off with Back Door Open

No Obstructions

Also be sure there are no obstructions such as trees, low hanging limbs, toys, cars etc. in the area where you would like your container placed, as this could also pose as a hazard to drivers and increase the chance of damage to the property by the roll-off truck or dumpster.

Ideal Areas for the Roll-Off

Once filled, the roll-off containers tend to be very heavy so be sure to that the truck does not have to drive across the yard or even sidewalks as there could potentially be ruts left when the dumpster is loaded/unloaded.

Avoid having the dumpster place on a surface that is soft or sandy, as the delivery/removal truck could get stuck. If your location is unavoidably sandy or soft, you may need to prepare the spot ahead of time by placing plywood or similar material in the drop-off area. It is important to note that this plywood will almost always be damaged under the weight of a roll-off container.

In most cases, dumpsters don’t cause any type of damage, however, overfilling a container or excessively exceeding stated weight limits, can pose a hazard.

The ideal surface for dumpster placement is flat and hard (like a concrete driveway, or asphalt road). If you have questions or concerns regarding your dumpster placement location, give us a call at 850-458-5757, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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